Discover the True, Unique You

Live Out Loud: Release Self-Limiting Beliefs and Thrive as Your Vibrant, Colorful Self

Do you feel trapped behind a mask, dimming your light and playing small to please others? Are you ready to break free, reclaim your voice, and boldly thrive as your vibrant, colorful self? This transformative year-long coaching program will empower you to rediscover the uniquely amazing person within by shedding self-doubt and society’s expectations. Imagine feeling the burden lift as you make choices aligned with your cherished values and live out loud as your spirited, quirky self. The journey begins within. Reserve your spot today to fully embrace the dynamic woman you were born to be!

Join Me on a Journey to Discover the True, Unique You!

I’m Paula, and like you, I once felt trapped keeping up a façade to meet others’ expectations. But I broke free to live out loud as my genuine self – and I want to guide you to do the same!

Imagine shedding weights of self-doubt and judgment to uncover the strong, vibrant spirit within. Feel the joy of making choices that reflect your cherished values. You are ready for this!

Together we’ll dive deep to rediscover your soul’s desires. I’ll be your guide, but you hold the map to your best life.

In this circle of colorful spirits, diversity is celebrated. Perfection is happily rejected. You are safe to be 100% YOU.

Through this program, you’ll gain confidence to speak your truth without apology or compromise. Your light deserves to shine!

The possibilities are endless when you live authentically aligned with your purpose. You were created for such a genuine life!

Are you ready for this empowering journey of self-discovery? Let’s peel away the layers keeping you from your fullest self.

Tuesdays at 1:15pm EST beginning February 13, 2024

Be bold. Be you. Live out loud!


Here's What You Can Expect:

Over 12 transformative months, you’ll:
  • Explore your unique inner world through journaling, reflection and mindfulness.
  • Break through limiting beliefs and self-doubt with new empowering mindsets.
  • Ignite your passion through experiential exercises.
  • Develop daily practices to integrate inspiration into your life.
  • Learn techniques to overcome blocks like perfectionism, comparison, and imposter syndrome.
  • Connect deeply with your inner truth, values, and purpose.
  • Bond with a community of fellow seekers in the book club.
  • Set inspiring yet achievable goals aligned with your authentic self.
  • Get personal coaching and accountability to progress meaningfully over the year.
  • Acquire tools to share your voice and live courageously.
  • Craft a bold vision for your most vibrant, purpose-filled life.
  • Receive four inspiring journals designed specifically for this program.
  • Gain access to the monthly book club.
  • Gain access to the Circle of Cracked Pots community.

Reserve your spot in our year-long immersive journey today! This is a judgment-free zone centered on radical self-acceptance. Leave limitations behind! It’s time for your true colors to shine.

Get ready to embrace your magic!

Our 12-month program unfolds through weekly small group coaching calls focusing on that month’s theme. You’ll engage in experiential exercises, heart-centered sharing, and creative assignments. Our private Facebook group provides ongoing connection and support.

This is your time to honor your creative calling and live a life of vibrant self-expression. Embrace the opportunity to invest in yourself and join Living Out Loud in Full Color. Together, we’ll unleash the brilliance within you, creating a world filled with authenticity, joy, and the dazzling colors of your unique creative expression.

Let’s embark on this magical journey together!