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Small Breakthroughs Lead to Bigger Growth

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I’m incredibly excited to launch my new 12-week group coaching program “Living Out Loud,” focused on helping women break free from limitations and brightly shine their unique light. But marketing myself, not so much.

Stepping outside my comfort zone, like many of us, has always been a struggle. But for us to follow our dreams, we need to be vulnerable and push past self-limiting beliefs. I’ve never been afraid to dye my hair, get piercings, or reinvent myself–again. But declaring myself as a coach with something valuable to offer feels terrifying.

But fear often signals growth. So, I’m challenging myself to ignore the nausea and promote Living Out Loud because I truly believe this transformative group coaching program will guide women to live with authentic joy and self-expression.

Starting small, I’ve begun posting about it on social media. I remind myself growth lies outside of our comfort zones. Leaning into discomfort is how all of us can expand our horizons.

Sharing openly will help us take risks and pursue our purpose, even if uncertain how it’ll be received. My hope is my story encourages others struggling with self-doubt to stretch themselves little by little.
The rewards of testing your boundaries are so often worth the initial unease. Keep believing in yourself and take it one step at a time.