Mastering Healthy Boundaries: The Art of Saying Yes to Yourself

Do you say yes to everyone but yourself?

Are you exhausted from constantly agreeing to requests?

This 8-week online course will guide you to transform draining people-pleasing patterns, master the art of upholding compassionate yet firm boundaries, and reconnect with your buried gifts in the process.

By learning to gracefully say no to external demands, you’ll discover how to say YES to self-care and filling your own cup first. This liberation unlocks purpose and creative talents hidden beneath the busyness as your outer world comes into alignment with inner truth.

Say goodbye to chronic over-giving and step into honoring the wholeness of who you really are! Discover abundant freedom through the art of strategic pausing.

In this program, Mastering Healthy Boundaries: The Art of Saying Yes to Yourself, you’ll take away:

  • A renewed connection to your gifts and talents
  • Awareness of myths about boundaries that keep you trapped in self-sacrificing roles
  • Tools to tune into your body, emotions, and true needs so you can start honoring them
  • Techniques to confidently and graciously decline requests that compromise your well-being
  • Methods for setting physical, emotional, and relational boundaries while still being your warm, caring self
  • Skills to communicate your limits clearly without guilt, doubt or wavering

Are you ready to start living life on your own terms with Mastering Healthy Boundaries? Missed the 1/10/2024 start date?  Don’t fret, new dates are coming soon!